there is a type writer
he works on surya sen street
and charges 15rps per page
many people come to visit him
to get official documents typed
on the spot
things for the court
things for the landlord
things for the doctor
things for the artist

this type writer is also an astrologer
a palm reader

so he read my palms one day

he said I have a good fate line
he knew I had 3000rps in my wallet
and my friend had 5000
he knew about a conversation I had 3 days ago
and my friends family house
he said she had a safety line on her hand
and that we were both incapable of saving any money

he asked me a few days later if I'd told anyone about his reading.

perhaps now there could be many...
I had a tarot reading the other day. She asked me to think about what is that I want an answer for in my head and pick seven cards.


All I can remember is that I have unconcious desire to be pregant.